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Is it time for a
Brand Audit?

Brand Audir Special

 50-90% of marketing strategies fail and poor branding is often the root cause.

What is a Brand Audit and its Benefits?

A brand audit is an objective and detailed analysis of your brand, its components and your efforts in its current state. The audit closes the gap on what is necessary to take your business to the next level.  The brand audit also:

  • Identifies your most competitive position

  • Helps you better understand your customer's perception of your business

  • Improves the customer experience and customer loyalty

  • Identifies new, relevant and innovative opportunities for growth

  • Improves weaknesses and inconsistencies in marketing, communication, and customer service

  • Improves employee brand alignment to get more successful brand delivery

  • Increases recruitment results and employee retention

  • Determines new and creative ways to resonate with customers in the brand experience, your offerings and your marketing.

Discover the potential of your brand with a Brand Audit.

2024 Brand Audit Offer

Brand Audit for Healthcare Practices and more

  • For businesses/practices with less than $10 million in revenue
  • For businesses/practices with greater than $10 million in revenue
Reach out NOW for more details
Additional offers:
Plus 10% off a subsequent brand strategy if booked within 30 days of your Brand Audit start date!
Laurie Rinker on a  Brand Audit

What does a typical Brand Audit include?

Using a combination of an online survey and 1.5-2 hours of leadership interviews, the Brand Audit includes a written review with branding next steps recommendations in the following areas:

Internal Review 

  • Company & Leadership GPS:

  • Your why/purpose, vision, mission, brand values, and company culture

  • ​Objectives & goals

  • Your brand: 

  • Present positioning, brand meaning,

  • Brand ID: Name, logo, tagline, look & feel

  • Key messages and tone

  • Present Target  

  • Key insights

  • Customer experience

  • The Brand Promise and how to deliver on that promise and your brand

  • And more...

External Review

  • Critical Industry issues

  • Industry Trends

  • Competitive Set

  • Target Audience

To learn more about the brand audit and what it can do for your business, check out my blog on Brand Audits: 

Discussing Branding and results of a brand strategy

What is the price of not doing anything?

Laurie has been a tireless champion for my new brand.

Fondly described as the Queen of Spreadsheets, she kept the entire project on track throughout the process with a lot of different parts moving at the same time.

She also brought great people onto the team whenever we needed them.

She has the courage to keep coming back

to important topics that I sometimes want to ignore, and as a result,

we've come up with a brand that is far beyond what I originally imagined.

It's been an amazing process and I would recommend Laurie to anyone who wants to do a high-quality rebrand. ~ Sarah M. Author, Speaker, coach 

Sarah Mccrum Branding
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