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Your Brand Strategy can be a Gamechanger

What is a Brand Strategy?

Your brand is the heart and soul of your business and your company.  It's what your customers think and feel about you and everything they associate with you. Your brand is what they expect with every interaction.

Thoughtfully defining, sharing, delivering, and managing your brand should be elemental to your business.   If you don't manage your brand, your completion will, and it won't be good.


​The Brand Strategy is the purposeful investigation, based on research and insights of what makes you unique in your marketplace, who the right customers are and how to best engage and service them. This written strategy is both an extension of your business strategy and the basis of any marketing strategy. 

brand strategy

Discover what a Brand Strategy can do for you.

  • Uncovers the fuel to power your brand

  • Identifies weaknesses and opportunities

  • Builds trust

  • Ensures brand consistency

  • Increases word-of-mouth marketing

  • Increases customer engagement across all ecosystems

  • Improves loyalty and customer retention

  • Cultivates a better company culture

  • Decreases price sensitivity & commands premium pricing

  • Fosters innovation

The typical Brand Strategy and deliverables includes:

Brand Audit

  • Starting with a Brand Audit, a thorough examination of internal factors, the brand in its present state and external factors

  • Internal exploration

  • External exploration

  • Read more here...

Brand Essence

  • Clarification of what makes you and your brand different

  • Why

  • Purpose

  • Vision

  • Mission

  • Values

  • Culture

  • Brand Personality

Brand ID

  • Brand ID

    • Name, tagline, brand architecture

  • Visual ID

    • Logo, Typography/ Fonts, Color Palette​, & Style

  • Tone & voice

  • Brand Guidelines

  • Business System Designs

Strategic Direction

  • Target Segmentation

  • Brand Positioning

  • Brand Messaging

    • Tone and Brand Story

    • Brand Statement/Elevator Pitch,    Unique Value Proposition, see blog

    • Brand Promise(s), see blog

  • Keywords

Other programs can include

Employee/Employee Branding
  • Naming

  • Brand Architecture

  • Recruitment/Employer Branding

  • Employee Brand Alignment/ Employer Branding. 

  • 360 Stakeholder research

  • Customer Experience Journey & Strategy

  • Organizational Culture Transformation 

  • Operating Model and Organizational Design

  • Business Design 

  • Business Model Innovation 

  • Any strategic or visual or Brand ID brand evolvement  

Do you have any of these brand challenges?

  • You don't have a competitive edge

  • Your messages and brand look are inconsistent

  • Your customers or patients aren't loyal, and your reputation is waning

  • You can do better but don't know where to start

  • You don't deliver on promises made

  • It's tough to hire and retain employees

  • You say one thing, but employees do another

  • What you offer is no longer relevant

  • Revenue is down, and profits are thin

Confused branding

 50-90% of marketing strategies fail, and poor branding is often the root cause.

Custom pricing and packages available

What is the price of not doing anything?

Laurie has been a tireless champion for my new brand.

Fondly described as the Queen of Spreadsheets, she kept the entire project on track throughout the process with a lot of different parts moving at the same time.

She also brought great people onto the team whenever we needed them.

She has the courage to keep coming back

to important topics that I sometimes want to ignore, and as a result,

we've come up with a brand that is far beyond what I originally imagined.

It's been an amazing process and I would recommend Laurie to anyone who wants to do a high-quality rebrand. ~ Sarah M. Author, Speaker, coach 

Sarah Mccrum Branding

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