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I am an independent consultant and Principal of Brands that Deliverspecializing in branding and marketing guidance, development, and management. 

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What is behind the name "Brands That Deliver"?


The word "deliver" in our name focuses on transforming companies and growing revenues through strengthening brands. It also includes a focus on companies that deliver and give back to their communities for the greater good.


  • I believe the brand is the foundation of any business.  Without that firm foundation and a brand strategy, companies can easily lose their way.  

  • I believe that all companies should work to create value, be profitable and successful.

  • I believe companies should do more and aspire to have a greater impact on the world by giving back not only to their stockholders but to their employees, partners, community, and environment.  

More about Laurie and her team

My marketing and branding experience makes me uniquely qualified to help companies grow their revenues through branding. 


Starting my career in medical-surgical sales I learned about business and customer service on the front line and realized how crucial a strong brand is to the sales team.  Wanting to better understand strategy I  moved into advertising account management working brands of all sizes in Dallas, North Carolina, and San Francisco. 


In the last fifteen years, I have maximized my strategic interests and strengths in growing businesses by focusing on branding.


"​I've learned that brand strategy is the foundation for any brand name, logo, website development or marketing effort.  

Clients who develop a branding strategy just achieve better results."


The Team


Should your project require a deeper bench, my virtual, experienced team develops and executes breakthrough brands, integrated marketing, advertising programs and supports company change. Areas of wisdom, creativity, and expertise include:

  • Creative direction, graphic design, & copywriting

  • Website development, UX/UI, & SEO 

  • PR,  Video,  Social Media, & Media

  • Change Management & Organizational Development

  • CRM and Sales Support


With a combination of proven processes and metrics, My team and I stimulate engagement and growth.

rootsof peace

 “For over 20 years, Roots of Peace has worked in war-torn countries to facilitate the removal of remnants of war (i.e. landmines) and restore the land to rebuild peaceful communities for generations to come.  Their award-winning methodology is rooted in providing market-driven solutions tailored to farming communities recovering from war, serving as a catalyst for industry-wide development.”  To learn more>

Or give to Roots of Peace via Mamie's Pies, Pies for Peace.       (see Blog)

Mamies Pies Kara Romanik & Laurie Pillings Rinker
Gilead house

The mission of The Gilead House is "To inspire hope and empower homeless single moms and their children toward financial stability and independence."

Located in the SF Bay Area, the Gilead House offers free, personalized outreach programs and services for broken, forgotten women, their children, and families. The Gilead House program provides three practical programs designed to empower women to reach their full potential. Transitional housing is an integral part of the program providing a place for hope, healing and life-changing transformation. To learn more >.

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What People Say

For any company, any size, needing to develop a strong, impactful brand and messaging, I highly recommend Laurie Rinker. She applied 'tough love', taking me through her unique branding process. That along with Laurie's strategic planning expertise has helped me to create a strong brand that sets me apart from my competition and clearly communicates to my target audience my credentials and how my services can improve their quality of life.

~Deb Kraus,  former Natural Areas Association Director  of Operations


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