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Branding Transforms Businesses

Laurie pillings rinker branding

Laurie Pillings Rinker
& Brands That Deliver™

An independent consultant and Principal of Brands That Deliver, I specialize in branding and brand-driven marketing guidance, development, and management.

Brands That Deliver transforms brands, businesses, and profits. Let's transform yours!  

About Laurie 

I help my clients shine a light on what is important and the things that matter. 


My passion, coupled with my branding, marketing, and advertising experience, along with my aptitude for efficient planning and processes, makes me uniquely qualified to help companies grow their revenues through branding. 

Starting my career in medical-surgical sales, I learned about business and customer service on the front line. I experienced how crucial a strong brand is to the sales team.  I saw that having a strong brand made selling that much easier. Wanting to better understand strategy, I accepted an advertising account management where I spent a number of years working with brands of all sizes in Dallas, North Carolina, Atlanta, and San Francisco Bay area.


In the last 22 years, I have maximized my strategic interests and strengths in growing businesses by focusing on branding and brand-driven marketing. I work with my clients to distill their DNA and find the most effective way of communicating and connecting with their customers.

Additionally, working as a small business and with other small businesses and start-ups, I have developed many skills where I can help my clients develop processes, systems and digital tools to help make them more efficient and effective- driving profitability.


This reduces the "overwhelm" and gives my clients more time to make important decisions and to live a fuller, more balanced life.

Women Owned business

I believe

  • The brand is the foundation of any business.  Without that firm foundation and a brand strategy, companies can easily lose their way.  Clients who develop a branding strategy just achieve better results.

  • Companies should work to create value, be profitable, and successful.

  • Companies should do more and aspire to have a more significant impact on the world by giving back not only to their stockholders but to their employees, partners, community, and environment. 

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