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Harness the Power of Brand-Driven Marketing™ 


We are a branding agency.

Engage customers, attract employees,
streamline systems & drive revenue.

Does this sound like you?

  • Our mission and vision are not clear

  • We need more customers

  • We need to attract and retain employees

  • We need a stronger brand

  • Our revenues are flat & profit is down

  • We need to stand out from our competitors

  • Our brand messages are not consistent  

  • We're a start-up and need marketing help

The Brand Audit is your first step

“Brand launches or re-launches typically achieve 15-25% greater growth.”          
The Nielsen Company

How Brand-driven Marketing works

Building on the foundation of your knowledge and work done to-date, we apply a refined process of objective discovery that provides a basis for informed decisions for your products or services branding. 



  • Brand Definition

  • Brand Positioning


  • Visual branding and Visual Elements
  • Brand Messaging


  • Brand Driven Social Media


Increased Customer  Engagement

& Revenue

Using a highly organized, step-wise approach, they took me through meaningful brand development, a full-featured new website, and a slew of online, print, and other strategies, all of which grew my gross revenue by 50% in the first year, and with a very impressive ROI. Laurie’s team was consistently imaginative, hard-working, and responsive.  

My only regret is that it took me so long to call...  


~ David E. Cohen, M.D., Medical Director, Cohen Vein Care


Dr david e cohen
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