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Laurie Interviews Helen Russell, Co-Founder, and CEO of Equator Coffees. The 2nd in the Brands That Deliver series in a  Hear about their:

  • Formula for success  

  • Power of their Branding

  • People, Product, and Process

  • Hire For Kindness

  • Their Impact efforts

  • Their Chain Of Well Being

Equator Coffees- Helen Russell Interview

Helen Russell, Co-Founder, and CEO of Equator Coffees talks about becoming and being a B-corporation. Highlights include

  • It's a natural progression

  • B-Corps should be profitable

  • The B-Corp is part of their story

  • Why people choose your products over others

Hele Russell Equator Coffees interview with Laurie Rinker

Laurie Interviews Kara Romanik, Owner, Founder, and CEO of Mamie's Pies. The 1st in a series in a "Brands That Deliver".


  • Find out why and how Kara started, how she developed her brand, ended up as one of Oprah's Favorites, on QVC, and grew her business.

  • ​Learn about the power of a brand​

  • ​​Listen to Kara's tips for entrepreneurs.​

Watch Laurie's take on Branding.

What is Branding? Some things never change. It comes down to knowing your target: what they want, need, care about, where they live and play...

Kara Romanik CEO of Mamie interview with Laurie Rinker


Smart Business Solutions with Recalculating Radio.10-minute radio show/ podcast on "Branding Mistakes to Avoid" 

Laurie Rinker on Branding Mistakes-SBS 02Laurie Pillings Rinker
00:00 / 10:05


Recalculating, 97+ Experts On Driving Small Business Growth. See Laurie Rinker's chapter  "How Focused Branding Stimulates Sales." You can buy it in paperback or Kindle HERE.


  • “Positioning Critical to Successful Brands,” Small Business Digest. 

  • “How a Name and Logo are Crucial To Start-up Success,” Small Business Digest.

  • Profile: Marin Independent Journal, and North Bay Woman Magazine.

Recalculating 97+ experts laurie Pillings Rinker

Laurie has some interesting co-authors including John Scully, formerly with Apple, and  Mark Lemonis of  THE PROFIT. 

Branding Articles by Laurie Pillings Rinker


  • San Mateo Chamber of Commerce,  Branding: Business Presence Impact

  • National Baptist Communicators Conference, Seminar on Branding 

  • The University of San Diego, Marketing Panel

  • Southern Methodist University, Branding Seminar.

Laurie Pillings Rinker speaking engagements

Laurie speaking at the University of San Diego's panel on marketing.

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