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How Can You Create a Successful Brand and Give Back?

Updated: Sep 9, 2022

Check out Equator Coffees, a Chain of Well Being.

The 2nd in my video and blog series Brands that Deliver is an interview with entrepreneur Helen Russell, Co-Founder, and CEO of Equator Coffees.  

This series highlights companies that deliver on their brand, produce bottom-line results, operate consciously, and give back to their communities.

Mike Wolpert of, thanks for the video support

Grab a cup of coffee. ( Don't forget to turn up your volume.) and hear about Equator Coffees and their:

  • Formula for success:

  • Power of their Branding

  • People, Product and Process

  • B-Corporation

  • Hiring for Kindness

  • You can be profitable and give back

  • Their impact efforts locally and worldwide

  • Their Chain Of Well Being

Look for Laurie’s companion blog on Equator Coffees and more in the series Brands That Deliver.

Use this series to reflect on how YOUR brand does or does not deliver, and what you can do to achieve your goals through more thoughtful and impactful branding.

How does your brand stand up?

Thanks for taking the time to read this article.

Laurie Rinker Branding expert

About Brands That Deliver™ & Laurie Pillings Rinker:

Laurie is a brand and marketing consultant, an author, and speaker, She and her team help businesses grow by strengthening business and brand strategies while supporting their efforts to give back for the greater good.

Check out

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