What makes a "Brand That Delivers?"

Updated: Sep 1

I am Laurie Pillings Rinker, a passionate brand and marketing consultant, and principal of Brands That Deliver.™ This the second in a series of articles highlighting companies that deliver on their brand, and who produce bottom-line results while operating consciously and giving back.

Use this series to reflect on how YOUR brand does or does not deliver, and what you can do to achieve your company’s goals through more thoughtful and impactful branding.



First, let’s review what a brand is.

You, everyone, and everything is a brand.

A brand lives within everyone it touches and is the sum result of all

its impressions, experiences, facts and feelings derived.

What is Branding?

Your brand is the driving force behind your business and should be continually and thoughtfully managed. Strong branding should fuel the company’s efforts to optimize sales and build loyalty among customers. If you don't thoughtfully manage your brand, your competition, your employees, and the world around you will manage it for you, and you will not be happy with the results.

The process of branding is so much more than the creation of a name, a logo, or a cool website and visuals. Branding is the disciplined strategic approach a company takes to both craft and deliver their brand, to ensure the brand remains target-relevant and stays true to its brand promise.

So what is a “Brand that Delivers”?

I tell my clients a strong, well-managed brand, and a “Brand that Delivers” includes the following attributes:

  • Is financially successful

  • Customer-centric

  • Displays a clear, unique and relatable brand identity

  • Keeps its promises

  • Has a relatable story

  • Conveys messages that are engaging, authentic, consistent, and relevant

  • Value-Centered with a focus on a higher purpose

They are thoughtfully-managed through Conscious Capitalism efforts, a Quadruple/Triple Bottom Line framework, Fair Trade practices, or as a B-Corporation, Personal Benefit Corporation, or works for the greater good. (To learn more, see links at the end of this article.)

The new wave of entrepreneurs and executives are leading their companies with passion, purpose, conviction, and increased profitability. In the Harvard Business Review as far back as 2013, Tony Schwartz writes,

“Companies that practice Conscious Capitalism”

perform 10 X better than their peers.

Equator Coffees is a model for how successful companies should think and act.