Enhanced branding can

take your business

to the next level

We work with clients to transform their brands. 

We get companies focused and on-track to grow revenues 

while encouraging social good. 

“Brand launches or re-launches typically achieve 15-25% greater growth.”          

The Nielsen Company

Does this sound like you?

  • We need a game plan

  • Our revenues are flat or margins are slipping

  • Our brand is unfocused with inconsistent messages

  • Our competition is killing us

  • Our customers are disloyal

  • We are launching new products

  • We are a start-up or are in transition

Heading 5

Experience we bring

25 + years focus on brand and marketing strategy and implementation

200 + strategic and implementation projects

100 + clients

"Laurie has the courage to keep coming back to important topics that I sometimes want to ignore, and as a result, we've come up with a brand that is far beyond what I originally imagined."

"Laurie had an immediate and intuitive grasp of the situation and the opportunity."

"We found exceptional value in her work." "My only regret is that it took me so long to call."  

"Laurie and her team were consistently imaginative, hard-working, and responsive."

Spotlight on socially responsible brands

Meet B-Corp CEO Helen Russell of Equator Coffees


Welcome to our blog and video series. “Brands That Deliver”.

This series focuses on successful brands; their branding & marketing tips and how they give back to their communities


The 2nd in our series is an interview with

Helen Russell, Co-Founder, and CEO of Equator Coffees.  Hear about their:

  • Formula for success  

  • Power of their Branding

  • People, Product and Process

  • Hiring for Kindness

  • Their Impact Efforts

  • Their Chain Of Well Being

Thanks for sharing your story and success Helen!

Thanks, Mike Wolpert of SocialJumpStart.com

Growing your business through branding & marketing

Building on the foundation of your knowledge and work done to-date, we apply a refined approach of objective discovery that provides a basis for informed decisions. These decisions provide the basis for your tailored strategies and programs that clarify your brand, engage and stimulate loyal customers.  


We are confident your branding and marketing efforts will be more successful once your brand is clear and there is a strategy in place.  Here is the typical process:


Brand & Marketing Discovery


Brand & Marketing Planning


Brand Development



Engagement & Marketing

What people say

Laurie has been a tireless champion for my new brand.

Fondly described as the Queen of Spreadsheets, she kept the entire project on track throughout the process with a lot of different parts moving at the same time. She also brought great people onto the team whenever we needed them.

She has the courage to keep coming back to important topics that I sometimes want to ignore, and as a result, we've come up with a brand that is far beyond what I originally imagined.

It's been an amazing process and I would recommend Laurie to anyone who wants to do a high-quality rebrand. ~ Sarah M. Author, Speaker, coach 


Brands That Deliver

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