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The top 10 branding Mistakes to Avoid

Recommended Branding & Marketing Books  

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Aaker on Branding: 20 Principles That Drive Success, by David Aaker

  • David Aaker, a much-respected branding thought leader is the Vice-Chairman of Prophet, and brand and strategy consultancy.


Beyond Sizzle: The Next Evolution of Branding. by Mona Amodeo, Ph.D.

  • This book provides insights into brands that are driven by the purpose of delivering products and services while “doing good.” Dealing with branding, Company DNA and beyond into leadership, Dr. Amodeo shares how companies and brands can have both profitability and social responsibility.


Brand Strategy 101: Your Logo Is Irrelevant - The 3-Step Process to Build a Kick-Ass Brand (The 7 Steps to a Successful Business in a Changing Market Book,Kindle Edition. by Michael R. Drew


  • A quick Audiobook at 99¢,  Michael Drew, a leading book marketer in the publishing industry, illustrates that every few decades we switch between “ME” and “WE” cycles. The '80s are a good example of a “ME” category. Everyone was focused on how bigger is better and ways to show off one's wealth.

  • Now we are in a “WE” cycle. It is important that in the "We" cycle, authenticity is critical in our branding and marketing.


Brand Thinking and Other Noble Pursuits, by Debbie Millman and Rob Walker


  • Debbie Millman, a much-lauded designer,  interviews twenty-two interview branding and marketing experts among them Malcolm Gladwell, Tom Peters, Seth Godin, and godfather of modern branding Wally Olins.


Building a Story Brand, by Donald Miller

  • Donald Miller’s book stresses the importance of clarifying your message so that people can understand you and hear you – but also the importance of portraying the customer as the hero of the story.


Building Strong Brands, by David Aaker

  • David Aaker is a standard in the world of branding. This book is a classic and simplifies the basic branding process with useful examples.

Building Brand Authenticity: 7 Habits of Iconic Brands, by Michael Beverland

  • This book explains in detail what is brand authenticity and why marketers and brand strategists should care about building authentic brands. He identifies "seven habits" of authentic brands, including a passion for excellence, devotion to a craft, and respect for heritage, tradition and place The final part also provides an interesting action guide for brand managers.  This is an excellent tool for small and large brands who find it hard to remember who they really are.

Do Good: Embracing Brand Citizenship to Fuel Both Purpose and Profit, by Anne Bahr Thompson

  • A brand purpose book that is well-researched and easy to read. “Do Good” provides many insights, examples and practical tips for creating brands with a purpose.  This book is helpful to entrepreneurs or brand managers as they make their products and services more meaningful to consumers while being profitable. 

The Golden Thread: Where to Find Purpose in the Stages of Your Life  by Holly Woods Ph.D.

  • Purpose serves as your GPS, guiding your life trajectory, whether you listen or not. It can help you reach for the seemingly unattainable and stop compromising who you are and were meant to be.

  • The Golden Thread demonstrates, through hard data alongside expert and client stories, that knowing and living your purpose will positively affect every facet of your life.

  • This book helps you make sense of your life and will answer the questions:  What is purpose and why do I need to know it? How do I find my purpose? How does the GPS of my purpose pull me forward? How does purpose show up differently over my life span? And more... 


Made to Stick: Why Some Ideas Survive and Others Die, by Chip Heath and Dan Heath

  • The Heath’s, a Stanford professor and a senior fellow at Duke write about what makes good ideas succeed or fail.  “Sticky” ideas are understandable, memorable, and effective in changing thought or behavior. The six underlying principles for making things “stick” are:

    • Simplicity: Find and share your core idea; make it simple and profound. 

    • Unexpectedness- Humans adapt incredibly quickly to patterns. Consistent sensory stimulation makes us tune out.

    • Concreteness:  No abstract, industry or techspeak.

    • Credibility:- based on commonly shared knowledge.

    • Emotional: Make people care by using the power of association, appealing to self-interest, or identity. “.

    • Stories: The three basic story plots; the Challenge Plot, The Connection Plot, and the Creativity Plot.

Purple Cow, New Edition: Transform Your Business, by Being Remarkable, by Seth Godin 


  • Seth Godin, an entrepreneur, and blogger, writes about how it is important to focus on excellence to create your point of difference and never stop striving for innovation and to be extraordinary.

Recalculating, 97+ Experts On Driving Small Business Growth curated, by JoAnn M. Lang

  • In Laurie Rinker's chapter   "How Focused Branding Drives Sales" she maps out the branding process and offers tips on how to strengthen your brand and how that impacts sales.   

  • There are many other informative chapters on small business growth with some interesting co-authors like John Scully, formerly with Apple, and  Mark Lemonis of THE PROFIT.



The B Corp Handbook, Second Edition: How You Can Use Business as a Force for Good, by Ryan Honeyman and Tiffany Jana 

  • In this decade and beyond, companies/brands need to pay attention to not just profits but how they can positively impact the world around them, authentically.

  • And it should be part of your brand story.

  • Certified B Corporations are businesses that meet the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose. B Corps are accelerating a global culture shift to redefine success in business and build a more inclusive and sustainable economy.

  • If you are authentically acting as a B-Corp, why not get certified and have that part of your brand DNA, and your story?

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