Delivery 9/1/2020    Are you and your brand ready for the “new normal,” and what’s next?

These past few months have given us all pause and, in many cases, some extreme challenges.  And, who knows what stands ahead as we move into the "new normal.” Somethings we can't change but certainly there are some things we can, and your branding efforts are one of them.  The series covers :

  1. Why branding is important now? 
  2. Is your brand purpose-driven?
  3. How do you need to innovate to better serve your customer and the future?
  4. Do your customers see your significant point-of-difference?
  5. What messages you want your brand to deliver?
  6. Have you been keeping your "Brand Promise"?         
  7. Are your employees brand-aligned and do they deliver on the Brand Promise?
  8. Do you have an updated brand strategy?

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