Giving Back 

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Why give back?

  • ​It supports purpose.

  • ​​It's smart business.

  • It's just the right thing to do



Cone Communications and Echo Research revealed that more than:

90 % + consumers would switch to a brand supporting a good cause.

85% + of millennials correlate their purchasing power

to the responsible efforts a company is making.


Millennials are one of the most sought after target audiences today and their collective purchasing power measures in the hundreds of billions! They are noted for approaching business and capitalism with a conscience, and to win them over it’s important to do so through the action of giving.

Other Good Reasons to "Give Back" 

Connect with your Community

Giving back can foster growth in a company or for an entrepreneur by providing an opportunity to listen and learn from the community (what it wants, and what it needs, and what it means to give). The act of giving back doesn’t have to proceed without thought of what the company needs or even what the company desires to give. Developing a standard policy about the causes you’re willing to donate to and support will allow the charities and organizations that approach you to be in support of your commitment.

The conversation can grow beyond guilt and into one of support. When it comes to listening to the community your business or organization might serve (be it a specific location or a certain demographic) you become more informed by the goals and needs of the community you’re attempting to serve and can tailor future projects towards these goals and needs.

Support your Community Development

An obvious benefit of giving back is that it helps the community, whether the help is on a global scale (foreign aid donations, clothing/food/etc. donations in the wake of natural disasters, or volunteer work) or a local one (donating food to a food bank, volunteering to help students after school, or aiding in cleaning up local waterways), the community improves.

Having a stake in the community means coming in contact with community members who may often be overlooked, ignored, or outright scorned depending on their situations. This works both on a local and global scale.  While the changes may be more difficult to grasp on a global level, at the local level the progress made is also visible. 

Good for your Health

Giving back is good for your health. Depending on the work one is doing: physical health can be improved by having something positive to look forward to, a regularly scheduled event which leads to regulated sleep schedule and stress release.  Of course, if the giving back requires some kind of physical activity that can lead to stress relief, and can help reduce the risk of certain health problems

Provides a Happiness Boost

There are studies that show volunteer work can make people happier by boosting not only physical health but also by promoting social interactions and of course the good vibes that come from contributing to the community. And, this potentially happier and healthier mindset promotes a desire to give back more.

Supports Career Boost or Change

Perhaps it is time for a career change or a career boost.  Giving back as a volunteer is a great ways to build new skills and build your network with like-minded contacts. Whether you’re writing grants in your spare time or building houses, volunteering is work.  I​

Charities we Support

Marin Healthcare,

the local community hospital.

Gilead House

for at-risk Mother's and their children

Community Hospitals Need Our Support.

Based on more than a year of research, the report from the Massachusetts Health Policy Commission suggests community hospitals in that state face something of a downward spiral: Patients are increasingly seeking routine care at large academic medical centers or teaching hospitals, drawn by perceptions of quality or referred by doctors who are now affiliated with the larger hospitals. With fewer patients, community hospitals lose bargaining leverage with insurers when negotiating payment rates. And with fewer patients and lower payment rates, the hospitals struggle to invest in programs, staff, marketing or the infrastructure needed to adapt to the changing health care system.

( Source:

“These challenges form a self-reinforcing cycle and make the traditional community hospital business and operating model unsustainable.” 

We support the MarinHealthcare in Larkspur, CA

Since its establishment, the hospital has benefited greatly from the extraordinary generosity of our community. Philanthropy has strengthened many key programs with upgrades and enhancements making an impact on the health and well-being of our families and neighbors for years to come. 


Volunteer or Donate to :


Homeless and "home at-risk" Women and their Children Need  Our Support.


The majority of homeless families are headed by single mothers (Haber & Toro, 2004), who often struggle with substance use disorders, parenting, and physical and mental health problems (Grant, Gracy, Goldsmith, Shapiro & Redlener, 2013). Several studies note that 50% of homeless mothers are currently fleeing domestic violence. (Source Bassuk et al., 2001; Pavao et al., 2007). 


The Gilead House, Inc. mission is "To inspire hope and empower homeless single moms and their children toward financial stability and independence.".


Founded in 1998 in  Novato, CA, in the SF Bay Area, the Gilead House offers free, personalized outreach programs and services for broken, forgotten women, their children, and families. The Gilead House program provides three practical programs designed to empower women to reach their full potential. Transitional housing is an integral part of the program providing a place for hope, healing and life-changing transformation.

Donate and Learn more go to

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